Reflection of Module 5

This week’s module took me a long time to get started but once I did it went really quickly. I really enjoyed learning more about students bringing their own devices into the classroom. Through this module I have become a little more open about the idea but I still think devices that can connect to the internet to be limited in a classroom. I think that teachers should just make use of the computer lap or portable laptops that most schools have. I found making the lesson plan hard due to the fact of not being able to find material that I liked. It took me a long time to finish it but it turned out ok. The next thing I need was the readings. The readings for this week I thought brought up lots of good point about BYOD and using iClouds to store documents. I am still not very convinced that using iClouds is a good idea especially for things students have to finish at home. I also read one of the articles about BYOD and it brought up lots of good points. I am glad I got the opportunity to read these articles. My final project had unfortunately been on the backburner for a few weeks now but this week I finally got time to start it again. I made up my blog for it (here is the link – and managed to finish one of the projects. At the moment it does not have anything on it but there should be some pictures from my first two projects up shortly. My next step in my final is to learn how to double–stitch. Wish me luck!


Lesson plan

Grade: 6                                                 Subject: Health Education

Outcomes: USC 6.7
. Assess how health promotions and advertising (related to but not limited to tobacco, alcohol, diabetes and HIV) influence personal standards and behaviors and determine how and why certain groups of consumers (e.g., youth as ‘replacement’ smokers) are targeted.

Criteria for assessment:
Do a 1 page write-up on what you learned in this class and email it to me at by the beginning of our next class.

1) Take out your device you brought and log on to the internet
2) Log on to this article on how teens are influenced by today’s media (5 minutes) (
3) Go onto YouTube and watch 2 of the 4 smoking ads (10 minutes)
4) Watch the following video on body image (\)(10 minutes)
5) Watch choose of the following dove videos on body image
6) Go onto a word document and write me up a one page document talking about what you learned in today’s class.(20 minutes)
I expect the page to have the following:
– Size 12 font
– Double spaced(or single if you would like)
– Times new roman
When you are done please email it to me at

When you are done you have two choices: read a novel or watch some of the other videos on this page

Module 2 at a Glance

This week had me experiencing new things. We started off the week by having to read and comment on three different classmate’s blogs. I had a hard time choosing who’s to comment on as they were all very well done. It was fun to see how everyone chose to represent themselves on their blog. I liked that everybody’s was a little different and that each blog seemed to fit that person’s personality. I finally chose the three with the most creativity and uniqueness to them. The next task to complete was to read and respond to the four articles that were attached to the blog.
The articles that we read this week were not as interesting as the first weeks. I did, however, really enjoying reading the article on “What Do Schools Risk by Going ‘Full Google’?” I completely agree with everything that the article discusses. My biggest problem with using technology is that not all students have access to technology outside of the classroom. This limits the amount of homework that a teacher can assign online without having to print everything out for those students. I think that going “Full Google” would result in more issues than it would be worth.
The article “32 ways to use Google apps in a classroom” brought up some interesting ways to use the tools on Google in a classroom. I think that the Google docs would be the most useful since your students can collaborate with each other without having to crowd around one computer. It also allows them to have a conversation, on the side, about the topic being discussed in their writing. I found that the article “9 Things Every Student Should Be Able to Do with Google Drive” just repeated a lot of what was said in the previous article on using Google apps in the classroom.
The next task we had to complete was making a survey we could use in a future classroom on Google forms. I had never used Google forms and expected it to much harder than it was. The only difficulty I had with this task was that when I went back to change the theme of my form, it did not come up in the same format as it had when I made it and I could not get the theme to change. This resulted in me having to make an entirely new form just so I could change the theme. I liked how it gave you the options to have the questions come randomly. It would come in handy if you wanted to do a test using this form for a class.
The next task on the list was to choose a google tool/app and make a 2-3 minute tutorial video on how it works and how to use it in your future classroom. I choose to use the google tool Picasa since that was the one I knew the most about. I had planned on using Screenr to make my video, but when I went on I realized I needed windows 8 which my home computer does not have. I decided to just use my iPod and video tape me using Picasa. After this setback, everything went smoothly and it was fairly easy to do and upload.
Overall, this week’s module went fairly smoothly. I learned a lot about Google apps that I will be able to use in my future classroom. I found all the articles chosen to be informative and useful for a classroom teacher. I am looking forward to getting started on the next module.

Module at a glance

This week we learned how to set up a blog using wordpress. Since this was my first blog I found the procedure of setting it up to be very frustrating. Many of the videos that we had to help us were out of date so they were not very useful. I was not keen on the idea of having a blog because I did not want all my personal information out there for everyone to view. I can definitely say that this class is going to be filled with lots of learning curves but I am very excited to learn new things that I can bring into my classroom.

The next part of our module was to watch the videos from our orientation. I found the one on children being able to build their own school to be the most interesting. It would allow children to be more interested in what they are learning and therefore could apply it to themselves better. I have learned through experience that if you can apply what you are learning to your own life you tend to remember it better. It was interesting to watch the video on how technology has changed over the last few years. It makes me feel old because that was what we used when I was young. All the videos I felt where very informational and would help me become a better teacher.

Before I moved on to the next task of writing the all about me page, I decided to take a look at the other blogs that have been done in the past. When I looked at the blogs I was very impressed at how well they were done and it also gave me some good ideas on how I wanted my blog to look. I started on the ‘all about me’ and found that it was very easy to put together. The only part I had trouble with was figuring out how to add a picture of myself to it.

The next task we were assigned was to write a review on one or two of the articles that we had read the previous week. I thought that all of the articles were very well written and good information. The one I found most interesting was on 5 of the most current trends used in schools. I thought most of the technology discussed there were parts that work and parts that would not. The part I found most interesting to read was how more schools are choosing to use Ebooks over actual textbooks. I think that this is a great idea and will be a benefit to future students. I also really enjoyed reading the article about the autonomy of a highly successful non-traditional student. I like their use of pictures and how they set up the body. They covered everything that I think is important to be a successful student. I like that they included getting enough sleep.

This class looks like it is going to be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. This class will be very helpful for when I enter into the workforce and actual start teaching so I can bring even more technology into the classroom.